New All in One Audio/Video Navigation system—INA-W910

  • Date: 01/06/2011 at 6:19pm
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New All in One Audio/Video Navigation system—INA-W910 This new unit has it all: 7-inch WVGA motorized display, Built-in HD Radio with iTunes Tagging, Bluetooth, and navigation with traffic. You also get Pandora and SiriusXM connectivity.

The INA-W910 is truly a sound quality focused unit with three 4-volt pre-amp outputs, 7-band EQ, time correction, crossover, a 24-bit Burr-Brown Digital-to-Analog converter, and MediaXpander™. The INA-W910 also connects digitally to the PXA-H800 IMPRINT audio processor (sold separately).

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octavio says:

yo no puedo ver los videos que tengo en mi ipod

Flag Posted on 03/07/2011


octavio says:

tengo ina-w910 como los puedover

Flag Posted on 03/07/2011


Kurt says:

I have this unit, it's awesome!

Flag Posted on 05/11/2011


tonyelite says:

how can i do updates in my unit? INA-w900BT

Flag Posted on 05/12/2011

terrence Smith

terrence Smith says:

when is this head unit going to come to the US.

Flag Posted on 06/01/2011


Bob says:

I have this unit and the navigation sucks!!!!!!!! I called the support team and they wanted me to buy an update with no guarantee that it would work for $100,00. I have to constantly reset the unit because it hangs up, can't find a route and takes you on routes that are way out of the way. My Samsung tablet and phone provide better quality navigation than the INA-910A. If I could get my money back I would take it. The rest of the unit is awesome, to bad they want $100.00 to update with no guarantee.

Flag Posted on 10/04/2012


MEDLER says:

Bought the INA W910 about a year ago. Nav was OK but did hang up and needed to reboot. lost all HD FM presets. Now the English Nav audio is out, Nav constantly needs to be rebooted and clock always starts at Mountain time taking up to 30 minutes to find my setting time (if it sets at all). Support said to send it in (tear out the whole dash installation is a costly proposition).
It is very frustrating to pay big $$ for a POS.

Flag Posted on 10/09/2012


gooner says:

Big pos Alpine is starting to turn out junk. And where are the map updates? If they charge money for an update for a 1200 dollar head unit it will be my last Alpine purchase. And by the way I've been calling for two years about a map update. Its always it should be ready in a couple weeks. Alpine your sense of timing is way off. I wish I could junk this pos.

Flag Posted on 08/06/2014

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