PXA-H800 Audio Processor

  • Date: 01/06/2011 at 6:08pm
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PXA-H800 Audio Processor Check out what this powerful processor can do:

• ImprintEQ, Alpine’s automatic sound tuning technology -- Using the supplied omni-directional microphone, measurements are taken from various locations in the car. The resulting data is used to automatically correct any in-car acoustical problems and then apply the desired target sound curve.

• AntEQ, which removes the factory head unit equalization, leaving a blank slate for these subsequent steps

• Road EQ, which automatically corrects for external noise in real time

• MediaXpander™ Plus, which improves the playback of compressed media and restores high-frequency audio data

• User Customization, which gives the user the option to customize the sound via manual or automatic settings – Using either the RUX-C800 controller (sold separately) or a PC with the included tuning software, manual, target curve and post process tuning can be made. The user can customize the sound traditionally by hand or automatically tune it to a desired response, while also allowing for full adjustment for fine tuning afterwards.

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I need some of that in my life! a.s.a.p along with the RUX-C800... Looking forward to working with the product.

Flag Posted on 01/09/2011


cross says:

i cant wait til it comes out im gon hook it up raw im thirsty

Flag Posted on 01/09/2011


MrBlu says:

Without a decent manual and a proper software suite, this is still born.

Flag Posted on 02/21/2011

Dog Bone

Dog Bone says:

Having been around Alpine professionally since the '80's it's good to see this. I wish everyone at Alpine a smooth trip back to success. It should be a great piece.....

Flag Posted on 03/20/2011


PG_Fan says:

Does anybody knows when will it be released? Alpine only says the month, but not the day. Thanks!

Flag Posted on 04/03/2011

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