Drive Easy, Save for Longer

  • Date: 10/19/2010 at 1:37pm
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Drive Easy, Save for Longer As we previously posted below, the INA-W900BT is being offered at a special price of $999.95. The exciting news is that this price will now be in effect until the end of the year! Treat yourself to a holiday gift with this audio/video/navigation system complete with Bluetooth hands-free calling and save $150 at the same time! You’ll thank yourself in 2011, knowing you got a great system for a great price!

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Alpine Bass-Mint

Alpine Bass-Mint says:

I'd have to give this ad two thumbs up. Think of this: your are ordering ALPINE - from ALPINE.
20 years I've installed. My installers - Mike and Jason are honestly the flesh and blood. They
actually enjoy, understand, and totally compliment and perfect their craft.
I instally my first Alpine in 2003 - when they were all ALPINEGREENNNN...I've never left - have the
tuned down 105 - but I know it does twice as much as my last one.
Anyway, great deal - if you are a lady and want to get your man something...I vote this! Hell, get it for me
Alpine Bass-Mint

Flag Posted on 11/30/2010


JBoyaaah says:

I LOVE THIS STEREO! Had it installed by Best Buy yesterday. HOWEVER, Owner's manual is hand to understand as far s setting up BLUETOOTH AUDIO>>>
ANYONE know how to make BLUETOOTH audio work?
I have paired the phone and can make calls, WORKS GREAT!
***BUT, how does Bluetooth Audio work?

Flag Posted on 12/18/2010

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