Drive Easy, Save Easy

  • Date: 10/01/2010 at 2:09pm
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Drive Easy, Save Easy You know that a navigation system will save you time during your drive. But did you know it can also save you money? Get huge savings now on the INA-W900BT all in one navigation/audio/video/Bluetooth® system!.

From now until Nov. 30, 2010, get the INA-W900BT for only $999.95, which is an instant savings of $150!*

With a 7-inch screen, 6 million points of interest, iPod®/iPhone® audio capabilities and Bluetooth hands-free calling capabilities, the INA-W900BT meets all of your entertainment and information needs.

*Offer available only in the U.S. at participating authorized Alpine retailers, for a limited time, and subject to change without notice. This offer is valid only for new purchases made between October 1, 2010 and November 30, 2010 through an authorized Alpine retailer. Visit your local authorized Alpine retailer for more details.

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RoughRider says:

Overall not a bad system, I've had the INA- W900BT for about 2 years. If your considering purchasing this unit be aware that little or no upgrades have been available and the voice navigation is substandard and some times not understandable. Maps are out of date. Time connection to the satellite has been lost twice resulting in not clock at all. I would suggest better voice direction recording and playback, better map accuracy and real time speed limit display to make this system more usable.

Flag Posted on 11/01/2011


Terry says:

I installed this unit in my 2005 tacoma. It was previously used. I cannot get any sound when in CD or IPOD Mode. The sound is fine when you have the unit in radio or navigation mode. I have been looking online for a cause or possibly a setting that needs to be changed. I cannot find anything. All I found was people that have wired up the amps to the power antenna wire. This is not my case. When in CD or IPOD Mode, the amps are lite up. So they are definately getting power. Does anyone have and suggestions? I would appreciate any help out there. Thanks.

Flag Posted on 04/29/2015

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