2009 Ford Flex


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Wanted to do up the Flex wth some Alpine so picked up some Type X speakers, PDX amps and Type R subs.  My ultimate goal is just a loud clear system.  So far this is what I have installed:

Head Unit:  CDE-HD149BT with SAT radio unit running into an Audio control Matrix and Epic150.

Amps: PDX-V9, PDX-M6, KTP-445U

Speakers: Doors, SPX-17MB front and rear. A pillars SPX-137R, Center SPX-107R Mid with 2 tweeters. D pilliars SPS-410.

Subs:  Two 8" Type-R in front kicks. One Memphis SHP-15 out back.

Misc: Alumapro CAP15

I made kick panels up front for the 8" subs and custom pods on the a pilliars and for the center channel.  Mounted amps in the rear quarter panel where the factory sub was. Box is a PK designs.  I have the KTP running my center channel and the set of 4" coax out back.  V9 runs doors and a pilliars.  M6 is running the 15".  Future plans include another PDX-V9 and a PXA-H800.  I also have two more sets of 5.25's possibly for the doors.

Sounds loud and clear already only going to get better.


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