95' BMW

95' BMW

1995 BMW 3-Series


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Steve Brown

Steve Brown says:

Man I miss this car!! Fast, looks good, sounds great....what more could you ask for?

Flag Posted on 04/16/2009


audio+civic says:

how many times has your car changed hands since you sold it??

Flag Posted on 06/11/2009


Vitaliy325 says:

I've seen it at Chicago's Hot Import nights, a gret car

Flag Posted on 11/23/2009


jetta1276 says:

I need someone to give advise. I have a PDX 1.600 and PDX 4.100 .Some to purchase @ pair of SPR-17s , L7 12 subwoofer and the IDA-305 headunit. I also have Audio Control Line Driver (Matrix).My question is what power changes I ahve to make . Is it capacitor,upgrade in battery or altanator. I new to audio game as you may tell. Also I might want to change my PDX 1.600 to Pdx 1.1000. so please tell me what is best way to go .

Flag Posted on 01/21/2010


ZuneLander says:

You're only at 1000 watts RMS total so it shouldn't require too much. I like to make sure I have 0 gauge wire running back to a distribution block for the amps. If you only have 4 gauge that would be my first electrical upgrade. Also upgrading the ground on the battery to 0 ga, and the wire from the alternator to the battery to 0 ga are things I would do. Before I got a new battery I would upgrade the alternator. I've always liked Ohio Generator. Check them out. I don't think a capacitor is neccesary. The PDX amps are built well and have enough capacitance built into them. Once you've made those upgrades it could never hurt to upgrade to a better battery like Kinetik or Optima. That's probably the last thing I would do though.

Flag Posted on 08/31/2010

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