King Of Wheels

King Of Wheels

2008 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster


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Partner Info:
Company Name: Al & Eds Autosound #54
City: West Hollywood
State: Ca
Zip: 90069
Company URL:

About the Vehicle:

The reason the car was built for Diko at Giovanna Wheels was to properly promote Alpine products in his favorite show car. Since this car is constantly on display at a variety of local trade shows including SEMA and CES Al & Eds Autosound in West Hollywood was proud to be involved with this project.

Why did you choose this specific make and model? This is one of the rarest and most expensive exotic cars in the world! Only about 100 of the Roadsters come to the U.S. a year!

Is there custom fabrication work on the interior or exterior (car audio, paint, and body/kits)?  Yes
Custom fabricated carbon fiber speakers grilles, subwoofer enclosure and amplifier display area.

Where can consumers see this vehicle? The car is on their web site

Who built the vehicle and/or was involved in the project? The car was built by Andres Vega, Kevin Brown and Elie Rothstein




g8rs says:

My jaw juts dropped to the floor, had to pick it up. NICE ride & setup!

Flag Posted on 06/02/2009


cca says:

k barbaros un auto perfecto

Flag Posted on 06/08/2009

Adam and Erin

Adam and Erin says:

wow, truely amazing ride!!!

Flag Posted on 06/27/2009


houndz says:

Way to take a beautiful car and ruin it by adding a bunch of gay plexiglass. Classy.

Flag Posted on 09/03/2010

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