2005 Mercury Mariner


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This is an original 1995 Summerford STV Euroski speed boat.  The boat is powered by a tuned 2005 Mercury 300X 3.2liter two stroke.  The boat was completely redone in 2008.  We wanted to build a lightweight trailered demo vehicle to highlight the new Alpine marine products.  The shape and acoustic qualities of the boat made for some fantastic results.  The boat can scream along the top of the water over 115mph on GPS.  The sound system starts with an IDA-X100M head unit which feeds audio signals through a PXA-H100 imprint module.  A PDX 1.600m drives 2 SWR-M100 subwoofers built into a custom inclosure in the nose cone of the boat.  This setup provides incredible bass response from the front.  A PDX 4.100m drives 4 SPR-M700 seven inch marine speakers built into custom molded pods.  The overall design was to provide all four passengers with an outstanding front stage while seated in the rear or front of the boat.  Mission accomplished!


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